Modern Methods for Repairing Old Buildings

Maintenance, repair and refurbishment of historic and listed buildings often involves reconnecting parts of the structure that have moved and cracked.  Long masonry drive pins have been used to stabilise some of the oldest building structures in Italy, some of the largest historic palaces in India and a number of earthquake-damaged stone churches in the Philippines.

No Cement, No Resin, No Grout

1st Master Wall ties is one of just a handful of UK based specialist companies with the in-house expertise, skills, and technical know-how required for retrofitting long masonry reinforcement pins.  Our extensive expertise in this sector of heritage building restoration offers a sympathetic yet robust structural upgrading approach.

Our reinforcing systems minimise disturbance to the structure and enhance its durability.  We use high-strength reinforcement and innovative installation techniques to reconnect and strengthen structures, ensuring that the final restoration results meet structural performance and aesthetic requirements.