Find the best solutions for porous brickwork

1st Master Wall Ties specialises in protecting brick and masonry from damp that is caused by wind-driven rain. When water comes into contact with porous bricks and masonry some of it is absorbed. The excess moisture can take a long time to evaporate. Damp walls can contribute to structural damage such as cracks, frost damage, wall tie corrosion, algal growth and salt efflorescence.

Much of this damage can be prevented or significantly reduced by the application of a high-quality brick water-repellent treatment that impregnates brick and masonry substrates.

Our masonry protection treatments are based on an advanced silane/siloxane cream formulation, which soaks into the wall, coating capillary pores rather than blocking them. The concentrated treatment provides long term protection from capillary absorption of water yet allows the passage of water-vapour such that trapped moisture can freely evaporate..