Don’t Despair!  Call Our Expert Team

Have you checked the brickwork on the outside of your house recently?  Maybe you have noticed that it is looking a little worse for wear.  Perhaps on closer inspection you’ve detected some cracked or sagging masonry or you’ve spotted that your bricks and mortar are starting to erode. Possibly you’ve noticed nothing but have been surprised when your building surveyor has reported such defects.

If so don’t be alarmed and don’t despair; call in the experts.  1st Master Wall Ties offer a complete range of cost-effective masonry repair solutions for all types of houses.

Wall strengthening, façade repair and brick protection

For almost 30 years we have been replacing wall ties, fixing cracked walls, reinforcing failed lintels and repairing weathered masonry and pointing.  During that time our expert team has successfully provided robust and durable repairs to thousands of privately owned houses and apartments across Hampshire, Dorset and West Sussex.

Don’t delay, phone today

1st Master Wall Ties offer a range of structural repair services implemented by trained and experienced professionals.  You may always find someone to do a cheaper job, but we suspect you will get exactly what you pay for.  We pride ourselves on our longstanding record of delivering outstanding value for money, that is to say providing an exceptional service for a reasonable cost.