What are Structural Repairs?

The Structural Masonry Restoration division of 1st Master Wall Ties specialises in strengthening and stabilisation a buildings superstructure; that is to say reinforcing the portion of the building that is above its foundations.  Structural repair activities include:

  • Reinstating the structural integrity of cracked brickwork and masonry
  • Retro-fitting bed joint reinforcement systems to relieve stress concentrations and to support brickwork above openings.
  • Installing lateral restraint ties at wall and floor junctions to secure the façade of a building to its internal structure.

It is important to understand that every building moves to some degree and that some buildings are less resilient to movement than others; more readily exhibiting signs of distress such as cracks in walls, sagging lintels and bowing brickwork.

Such defects are caused by a build-up of stress beyond that which can be withstood by the construction materials. Unsurprisingly cracks tend to develop where masonry is over-stressed and least restrained, typically adjacent to window and door openings or at corners.

The Structural Repairs division of 1st Master Wall Ties has been highly successful in providing robust solutions to common building movement defects. Our technical and practical skills have been acquired through many years of experience. These skills are put to use when we carry out work to strengthen and stabilise cracked walls, bulging walls, sagging lintels and overloaded brickwork.  Our masonry repair systems can be used to reinforce a wide variety of structures, ranging from historic heritage buildings and Victorian housing right through to more modern properties.