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On this page you can view the full list of all the services we offer along with some additional information. If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Wall Tie Replacement

Cavity wall ties are essential to the safety and stability of cavity walls. They are originally put in place as the walls are being constructed. Over time the original ties can start to fail and will need to be replaced by a professional. As members of the Wall Tie Installers Federation you can rest assured that we will carry out all work to the highest of standards.

Many installers will overlook the cleanliness of the existing cavity, if the cavity is full of debris or cavity wall insulation this can cause problems. We provide a Cavity Wall Cleaning service to prevent any penetrating damp problems.

Crack Stitch Repairs

Crack stitching is the process of installing metal bars to “stitch” a cracked wall back in place. Crack stitch repairs are used if brickwork and masonry develop vertical cracking. Crack stitching is a permanent structural repair that will add structural integrity, not just a short term solution. Once the work is completed and re-pointing has taken place there will be very little evidence the crack ever developed.

The process is very fast and simple to carry out meaning less disturbance at your property, this also makes crack stitching very cost effective. Also the masonry will stay flexible enough to allow for the natural movement of the structure.


Re-pointing is the process of renewing the mortar joints between bricks. The weathering and general wear over time can allow gaps and cracks to develop in the mortar leading to water entering the masonry. This can lead to far more serious issues if left to develop further. Water in the gaps can freeze in cold weather leading to the widening and rapid deterioration of the masonry.

Our highly skilled professionals carry out re-pointing work to the very highest standards.

Sealing & Waterproofing

Sealing and waterproofing your brickwork has several advantages. We can add a waterproof treatment which we apply to all types of masonry without changing the appearance of the brick in any way. This coating will make porous brick, concrete or stone completely water tight.

The compound creates a silicone barrier in the microscopic holes which allow moisture to pass through. After we have applied the sealant any moisture will run off the wall rather than soaking in, this is particularly advantageous if you live in a coastal location.


CemTie is a fully grouted reinforcement tie suitable for use in a variety of situations. These ties are ideal for fractured masonry, connecting wall junctions, re-aligning separated or leaning walls, stabilising arches and securing bulging solid or rubble-filled walls.

Some of the benefits of Cem-Ties are that they allow normal structural movement and the installation is fast and easy meaning less disruption as the tie and grout are installed simultaneously. This is also means it’s a very cost effective repair technique that can certainly save you movey in the long run instead of leaving the problem to worsen.

Cavity Clearing

Our cavity wall clearing service can help in properties where there are problems with rising damp from your cavity walls. This is commonly caused because of a build up debris in the cavity between the two sections of brickwork that allowing absorbed moisture outer from the outer wall, to pass to the inner wall. However, this problem can take a long time to arise especially with new builds.

Cavity wall clearing can be a much better and more const effective option than having a new damp course installed. If you are having problems with damp since having cavity wall insulation installed, the insulation may be causing the problem and will need to be removed.

Damp Proofing

Damp proofing is an extremely important part of any building and should not be overlooked. If you suspect your home or business premises may be developing a problem with damp you should consult a professional as soon as possible.

Moisture making its way into the building can quickly turn into wet rot. If the appropriate steps aren’t taken to prevent further damage the problems will worsen creating a larger and probably more costly problem in the future. Proper damp Proofing can help to drastically reduce the effects of most damp problems or even be used before they develop to give you peace of mind.

Lateral Restraint Ties

Lateral restraint wall ties are used for restraining bulging walls. The ties are designed to connect a masonry façade to two or more timber joists or studs. The lateral restraints are fitted from the outside of the property causing a minimum of disturbance.

The restraint ties are installed by making a clearance hole through the and the lateral restraints are screwed in to the timbers to help support the bowing wall. It’s a fairly straight forward process of winding the lateral restraint ties into the timbers behind the wall and then using resin fix the masonry end in position.

Wood Worm Treatment

Woodworm is the common name given to the larvae of beetles that burrow into wooden object such as beams and furniture. The signs of woodworm are typically holes in wooden items, live infestations will commonly have powder around these holes.

The cosmetic effects of woodworm are immediately apparent but if left unchecked, woodworm can lead to the structural failure of the wood. This is especially dangerous when signs can be seen in structural beams and must be treated immediately. We can quickly and easily treat woodworm with chemical insecticides. We also advise solving any damp problems you may have as damp wood may become re-infected.

Dry Rot

Dry rot is an extremely serious fungal problem that leads to the failure of a wooden structure if left untreated. Dry rot can be identified by yellow spots on the woods surface, or In more humid conditions, a white and fluffy fungus will appear.

The first stage of treatment is to identify and remedy any sources of moisture. This helps to prevent the spread of the fungus. All of the infected timber must then be replaced with pre-treated wood. We will then apply the appropriate fungicide to any wood that does not need to be replaced. Finally we will treat the masonry to remove any fungus or spores that could potentially re-infect the timber.

Wet Rot

Wet rot is a fungal issue found in water saturated wood when the timber comes into direct contact with water. Common causes of wet rot are water leaks from burst or leaking pipes and drainage problems.

Wet rot is very simple to treat. Any wet rot problems can be resolved by identifying the cause of the water build up and fixing it, then replacing the rotten timbers. To prevent further issues we can also apply a waterproofing treatment to any wooden areas that are likely to come into contact with water in the future.