If the BRE grading and remedial action system calls for a wall tie replacement program 1st Master Wall Ties will design a comprehensive remedial tying package that is suited to the building.

The design package will include:

  • Selection of Remedial Wall Tie System
    • Helical wall ties
    • Mechanical expander wall ties
    • Resin fixed wall ties
  • Wall tie spacing – ties per square metre based on:
    • Both walls being greater than 90mm thick
    • At least one wall being less than 90mm thick
    • The inner wall being timber framed
  • Tensile proof testing
    • Sampling rates
    • Required tensile load values
  • Remedial action to alleviate damage caused by existing tie irons
    • None
    • Isolation
    • Complete extraction
  • Making good
    • Plugging drill holes to colour-match brickwork
    • Making good mortar bed joints
    • Making good renders, leaving ready for decoration
  • Advise on other aspects that help to repair, protect or stabilise the façade wall, including:
    • Repointing
    • Masonry crack repair
    • Lintel repair
    • Brick-arch pinning
    • Lateral restraint
    • Weather proofing
    • Cavity cleaning


With almost 30 years in the remedial wall tie industry, we have managed multi-property wall tie work for councils extending from Portsmouth on the South coast to Manchester in the North West and completed many wall tie installations on an array of high rise blocks in London.

In short, we provide the skill, care and professionalism to offer the most complete wall tie replacement package available anywhere in the UK.  For further peace of mind we offer an extended guarantee covering all aspects of our cavity tie installation schemes.



Brick Patching